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“Although urban societies rely on each individual infrastructure, recent disasters ranging from hurricanes to large-scale power outages and terrorist attacks have shown that the most dangerous vulnerability is hiding in the many interdependencies across different infrastructures”Vespignani, A., 2010. Complex networks: The fragility of interdependency. Nature 464, 984–5.

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“what happens to one infrastructure can directly and indirectly affect other infrastructures, impact large geographic regions, and send ripples throughout the national and global economy.”Rinaldi, S.M., Peerenboom, J.P., Kelly, T.K., 2001. Identifying, understanding, and analyzing critical infrastructure interdependencies. IEEE Control Syst. Mag. 21, 11–25.


National infrastructure (…including energy, transport, water, waste and ICT) is a foundation for economic productivity and human wellbeing. However, the NI of the UK and other advanced economies face serious challenges which include: significant vulnerabilities, capacity limitations, and a number of NI components nearing the end of their useful life and etc.Council for Science and Technology, 2009

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